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La Bella y La Bestia ( The beauty and the beast )

this is the history of a selfish andrich prince who is enchanted by a fairy turning it a beast. Fairy gave him a rose, saying he has to find true love before falling all the rose petals, and if it so happened that he would die in the attempt. castle turned very loney and ugly. During this time he looked for beautiful girl to solve his problem and he hoped to know the true love. He knew the girl and finally thay fect in love

En esta pagina encontrara imagenes de la histia de la bella y la bestia, un cuento donde se conoce el significado del amor de una forma diferente

al final de la historia te preguntaras que es lo realmente importante para amar
para ti que es mas importante...la apiencia? o el amor?
Bella, daughter of mauricie

prince and owner of the enchanted castle

 <--GASTON, he want married with beauty forcibly

-->LAFOU, friend to  Gaston

<--MAURICIE, father with beauty

SRA POTTS, la tetera-->
<--CHIP, taza hijo de sr pots
<--the armary
laurence, the candelabre-->

ding dong the clock-->
the beauty and the beast
desperate to find her father, the  prety, discovers a castle hidden deep in the forest. the owner is a fearsome beast, but the prety, go to stay, only for the beast to release her beloved father.
 the beast is the master of an enchanted world where everything, including him, were nothing. if not learn to love and be loved, it would be a beast forever.
all the servants of the beast are delighted. Lumiere, the candlestick, and the footstool that barks, are actually the charming Locay the castle and his faithful dog. The prety town and sporting a number of jars of tea, spoons and plates.
but nobody makes them feel as comfortable as Mrs. Potts and tazo. the cook at the castle and its fun son .the prety  explores every inch of the castle, either alone or with Cogsworth, the watchmaker of the castle that serves as a guide.the prety does not know that, in fact, is the steward and head of household. slowly, the prety , learned to see beyond the tough and fearsome appearance of the beast. beast slowly falls for her.
One day, seeing it wounded and close to death, Bell understands that love is also the spell is broken! the beast is, indeed, a handsome prince charming.
beautiful declares his love, the castle becomes beautiful again and all its occupants back to being what they were

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la bella y la bestia

en esta pagina usted encontrara la historia de la bella y la bestia, en donde el principe cambia su apariencia por arrogancia y debe encontrar el verdadero amor con la  apariencia de una bestia.